The perils of “nulled” WordPress themes

Having the largest ecosystem of any CMS ever, WordPress users have a lot of choice when it comes to themes. There’s thousands of open source offerings on as well as many more paid for ones on marketplaces such as Envato.

I recently wanted to assess the code quality of a few different paid themes before deciding on one to buy, so I downloaded some “not quit legitimate” copies from one of the many shady “nulled theme” sites, to run in a sandbox. Obviously you’d have to be a) quite immoral and b) an idiot to use such things in production, but I figured what’s the harm if the winning one’s going to be bought anyway.

After choosing the winner I thought I’d diff the two copies I had. Just how bad was the malware going to be?

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The best way to spider & download an entire website

There seem to be a lot of GUI tools out there that purportedly download entire websites. The last one of these I tried using was SiteSucker, which sucked pretty badly. What you really need is this:

wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --domains --no-parent

run from the terminal. I put this here in the interests of me remembering all the options and hopefully someone else saving themselves so many boobless hours of crap applications that don’t work.

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