Desert Island Shipwreck Dreams of Erotica The Pillagers Flight of The Albatros Gemini Meets Aquarius In Search of My Pegasus
In Search of the Promised Land Mindscape from the Temple of Love On The Verge of a Dream Prayer For Philomena Primary Shapes Return of the Argonauts
Rock and Roller-Coaster Revisited Rock and Roller-Coaster Small Wonder II Small Wonder Parable of the Puritones & Optimyths Post-Morphmain
Space Lab Disaster The Birthstone The Fallen Eagles The Love or Why Leaf The Reeper The Evolution of Peace
The Timegame Backwards The Troubles Three Pieces of Mind Dali's Ka Dali's Ka Revisited In The Golden Rains
In the Light of New Through the Light Old Mindscape from the 7th Level Human Cenotaph to the Earth The Evolution of Peace II The Creatures Who Forever Sleep The Colour and I
Galileo (Jupiter Mission) The Mating Ritual of the Metal and the Femetal Paradise Opens Tomorrow The Coming The Jazz Machine Revisited Blues Machine Returns with Love
A Thing O' Purpose Little Boy Blue Come Tickle Your Brain Variations on a theme by Leonardo The Alchemists Puzzle Sunrise Thought Waves
LOVE - The Universal Organ Recital Sunset Taming the Hounds of Aries Baptism of Fire Smoke and Mirrors The Sane Fishers
Yesterday's History Today's a Gift (that's why we call it the present) Tomorrow's a Mystery Dream Flight Your Memory Is Your Bible, Your Imagination Your Future Love Machine
The Guardians In the Golden Rains Revisited Food for Thought More Food For Thought The Magic Box The Magic Ball
The Wishing Star Sparrowhawk Temple of Love Revisited The Marble Run Fire Nymphs