I published my first app to the Play Store!

So a while back I decided to learn a bit of Unity3D. I’ve wanted to make some sort of drawing app for ages and tried various ways round of doing it (this Rails app was my first stab at it).

Anyway, progress has been glacially slow due to coding commitments that actually pay the bills, but I finally made something I was pleased with. Behold: Draww!

Should be a joyous time right? Well:

  1. Looks like I deployed it using my debug keystore, which I didn’t even know was possible. Now debug keystore = production keystore….
  2. Turns out that doesn’t matter anyway, because Google’s search doesn’t allow the extra “w” on the end of my app name unless you enclose it in inverted commas. …and who’s going to actually search with ” ever? No one.

So yeah, back to the drawing board on that one. Perhaps I’ll rebrand it “Swirly Drawing Thing” or something. What a pain. I’d made a logo too!

Anyway.¬†At least I’ve learnt a few things from this complete anti climax…. Next up: A post about keystores!

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