Beauty comes from the inside!

...and that's why I'm passionate about coding standards as well as harmonious colour palettes.

When I was growing up, I got taught how to program a computer by one parent and how to draw by the other. These two disciplines have stayed with me throughout my professional career.

Starting as a Graphic Designer, I’ve become ever more interested in the role systems and technology have in creating beautiful web experiences. Whether it’s the Golden Ratio or the latest streaming build system, I’m passionate about using it to create things of beauty.


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2001 in the Style of Picasso

Nuts! Done with deep neural networks apparently: I guess the same sort of thing all those trippy Deep Dream things used that were going around a while ago.


Git: Bringing the dev branch up to master

Other devs done a load of work on your develop branch that got abandoned? Branch diverged too much to merge back in with master? Well:

Job done. Remember branches are just pointers to states of the code over time.