Beauty comes from the inside!

...and that's why I'm passionate about coding standards as well as harmonious colour palettes.

When I was growing up, I got taught how to program a computer by one parent and how to draw by the other. These two disciplines have stayed with me throughout my professional career.

Starting as a Graphic Designer, I’ve become ever more interested in the role systems and technology have in creating beautiful web experiences. Whether it’s the Golden Ratio or the latest streaming build system, I’m passionate about using it to create things of beauty.


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Repairing buttons on an Elektron MonoMachine

Well, I always thought my MonoMachine was indestructible, but apparently not entirely. ….when one regularly gets carried away hammering the keys as hard as possible over the course of about 6 years anyway. Time to break out that iFixit Kit then! First, lets pull all the knobs off and undo the 6 screws holding the […]


Setting permissions for your Gitlab CI Runner & W3 Total Cache

So in the last post on this, I looked at setting up auto deploy for a WordPress site using GitLab’s CI runner.  I also wanted the W3TC cache to be cleared, and thanks to WP-CLI, that was possible by adding:

to the end of the script node in .gitlab-ci.yml. Now. “sudo?!?!?!?!” I hear you […]