Beauty comes from the inside!

...and that's why I'm passionate about coding standards as well as harmonious colour palettes.

When I was growing up, I got taught how to program a computer by one parent and how to draw by the other. These two disciplines have stayed with me throughout my professional career.

Starting as a Graphic Designer, I’ve become ever more interested in the role systems and technology have in creating beautiful web experiences. Whether it’s the Golden Ratio or the latest streaming build system, I’m passionate about using it to create things of beauty.


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Who’s DNS is it anyway?

So I was asked to diagnose some DNS issues a client was having recently. Not my bag, but thought I’d have a go anyway…. Two useful commands (on OSX) I found: gives you all the info about what DNS your local machine knows about. Look at anything that says “nameserver”. This is especially useful if […]


Enable Root Login on Ubuntu Server

If you’re using Ubuntu as a web server, as the main admin there’s not much reason not to enable root login via SSH. Digital Ocean do it on their VMs by default for instance. So: Comment out `PermitRootLogin without-password` and add `PermitRootLogin yes`. Save it and reload the ssh config: Job done! No more using […]